Our mission is to change the way working works in America. This is how we do it:

At The Upside, we are passionate about the future of work. Join our sanctuary of best-in-class independent contractors who are driven to achieve flexible, rewarding careers. Our members understand the power of joining forces, sharing resources and fostering each others' growth. Plus, members gain instant access to The Upside's resources, connections, growth tools and templates. Want to join the movement? Click below to learn more.

Community & Support

We provide our members with a stream of vetted client leads spanning all functions and industry verticals. In addition, our members have access to referrals within the community, as well as other high caliber publicity opportunities such as speaking engagements, podcast interviews, press opportunities and relevant events.

Connections for Members

We provide companies with access to the most elite talent pool of flexible, scalable and on-demand professionals available in the marketplace today. Our consultants span all industries and functions, providing companies with endless options on how to maximize their talent assortment. Our process is simple, but the results are incredible. 

Connections for Companies

For professionals looking to take the leap into independent consulting, we provide 1:1 coaching and advisory on every detail of how to get it right the first time around, including defining your niche, personalized business development strategies and techniques, pricing structures, marketing, branding, website strategy, LinkedIn optimization and back-end operations. Want to finally gain true work/life balance? Sign up for a coaching session with The Upside.


Piles of Books

No company knows the high-level independent consulting and freelancing market like The Upside. Access our proprietary tools and guides to get your business launched the right way, the first time, or to level-up your existing business. Our guides have been described as "game-changers" among our members. From pricing structures to business development strategies, our guides take the guesswork out of running your own consulting practice.  

Tools & Guides

We host our own events and speak at meaningful events around the country with the sole intent of helping professionals maximize their personal and professional selves. Want to learn from our experience and crush it in business and life? Check out some of our events.

Events & Retreats