"I'm a member of several business communities, but the niche and quality that The Upside provides are truly unique. Their mantra of quality over quantity permeates every aspect of their community ecosystem. The other professionals I've connected with through The Upside are all there for the right reasons and are all supportive of one another's businesses. I feel confident referring my clients to fellow members and I feel confident recommending membership to anyone looking to grow an independent consultancy or boutique agency."

Erika Velazquez Alpern

Communications Consultant



"The Upside has all the hallmarks of a great and supportive networking group and eco-system. I am meeting amazing women who have become partners, mentors, and potential customers. The time I put aside for the monthly community meeting is always incredibly valuable - I've got my notepad out jotting down all of the ideas I can implement right away. And, I appreciate getting the opportunities via Facebook and email. The group is stacked with other consultants that I trust and everyone is super supportive of each other."

Lindsay Tabas (aka The Lady Engineer)

Outsourced Co-Founder for Startups



"The Upside's mission of changing the way working works and supporting the success of independent contractors is apparent in every aspect of what they do. Plus, The Upside's core value of quality over quantity keeps both membership and client connections at a level that mirrors my professional goals. I enjoy seeing this tribe grow with such quality members and connections. As an active member of several business communities, I can honestly say that The Upside has the most focused niche and membership base I've seen. It's a true gem in a sea of large-scale communities."

Shani Syphrett

Brand Strategist & Marketing Consultant // Advocate for Innovative Women of Color



"As soon as I met Erin I knew whatever she touched would be special because she has that unique ability of really 'seeing' people and helping them understand their individual hang-ups and the barriers they may be imposing to their personal goals. Once I joined The Upside I was so thrilled to become a part of the circle she had created. Members are incredibly engaged and the feeling is both honest and supportive. The quality of the members and the connections I have made through the community are unique.  I can tell Erin is committed to growing the community slowly, thoughtfully and with an eye on being sure all members are gaining, connecting and thriving.  I am so grateful that I found Erin and this community as it is such a valuable resource for me both in my professional capacity and to feel supported as a woman in business."

Wendy Heilbut

Partner & Founder of NYC office, Jayaram Law



"Even though Upside members span all different industries, they’re the closest thing I really have to colleagues.”

Clare Hackney

Real Estate Consultant


"Erin and her team are great to work with and give you actionable takeaways that will help to move your business forward. I highly recommend membership with The Upside!"

Mary Clavieres

Organizational Change Consultant


"The connections I've made through The Upside--both to other members and to clients--have blown me away. I recently took on a personal and professional challenge moving from corporate to the consulting world and couldn't have done with without the invaluable support from The Upside.  I've learned so much from other members, and have used that knowledge to launch my consulting practice with confidence. What I love most about this tribe, is members are always cheering me on and sharing tools, resources and advice that cannot be found from a Google search!  I can honestly say that the experience has been significantly more enjoyable and seamless than it would have been without this unique and high quality community."

Danielle Yannotta

Marketing, Customer Engagement Consultant



"Membership with The Upside has truly helped me level-up my boutique PR agency. Erin's support and insight, as well as the camaraderie of my fellow members, has been a game-changer for me both personally and professionally. I highly recommend membership with The Upside for anyone seeking to elevate their business and reach their next level."


Andrea Samacicia Mullan

CEO/Founder, Victory Public Relations


"The Upside is a strong resource for me as I am in the early stages of my business. I can connect with like-minded entrepreneurs (with a range of expertise) where we share resources, bounce ideas off each other and encourage each other.  There are a lot of groups out there, I am thrilled I have landed here at The Upside where I  am making meaningful  connections and conversation and now have real opportunities. Erin is the ultimate connector and she keeps the flow moving in this community!"

Melissa Marra

Founder, E&M Events and Marketing


"Erin Halper and The Upside community platform have given me a tremendous amount of insight on how to improve my business. In addition, being in a community among such smart successful women really gives me inspiration to want to succeed. The biggest plus is what The Upside offers. Not just a community but guidance and connections in all aspects of my business."

Kristy Maslin

Founder and Co-owner, KK Creative Web Design


"The Upside is a phenomenal partner for talented professionals looking for flexible work arrangements. I highly recommend The Upside."

Alexandria Carroll

Business Planning & Operations Consultant


Mia Simone.png

"I feel a weight of a lifetime lifted from my shoulders and I have never been more inspired and motivated as a businesswoman, mother and wife."

Mia Swikard

Growth Strategist, Beauty & Retail


"Working with the Upside has been a great experience. The quality of client connections has far exceeded my expectations. The Upside is truly paving the way to create a flexible business model that is both financially and personally rewarding for everyone."

Joanna DiMenna

Design Consultant & Art Director





"When I heard about The Upside of Life retreat, I knew I had to be a part of it. The weekend surpassed my expectations! With thoughtful and provocative programming, an utterly inspiring group of women, and the most beautiful food I've ever tasted, I left feeling genuinely energized about my next steps -- like I can conquer the world. I credit The Upside and Seasoned Moments for giving me the permission and space to dream and plan." 


Morgan Baden

NY Times Bestselling Author





"I can’t say enough great things about my experience at the Upside Retreat. It was truly an amazing experience that completely transformed my mindset. It’s not just about a career it’s about the life you want. Erin & Michal are a dynamic duo! Erin guides and challenges you to truly define your goals, while Michal nourishes your body with nutritious and delicious meals. Yet it’s so much more, it’s about a complete transformation of your mindset that makes you look at the future differently and all while customizing the needs to each individual person. Erin is a mastermind that supports you in a way that makes you feel you can take on the world and Michal’s in depth knowledge of food makes you feel like you can throw together a nutritious 5 course meal no problem. I haven’t even gotten to the amazing women I was surrounded by. Erin brilliantly brought together a group of such talented women that were not only extremely accomplished but open and friendly. In one weekend I have clarified my goals, defined my next steps, and built a network of talented women who are cheering me on. Thank you Erin & Michal for a truly transformational weekend and a start to my new journey!"

Michelle Celis

Executive Director, MAC Cosmetics





"I'm blown away by how much we experienced and achieved during just one weekend. From getting clear on my business goals for the new year, to cooking delicious nourishing food and having fun during our self-care evening, The Upside retreat was a brilliant mix between a business mastermind and a retreat. I feel recharged, motivated, clear and connected to an incredible group of women. The great thing is that I don't have to wait to implement my new plan as I'm already making it happen, thanks to Erin's expert help in rewriting my bio!"

Ksenia Avdulova

Public Speaker and Founder of Woke & Wired



“The Upside of Life Retreat was nothing short of amazing. I went into the weekend feeling very nervous and apprehensive about what I was going to experience and what to expect.  I was anxious about spending the weekend with a group of women I had never met, and did not not really know what it was going to be all about. It just sounded like something that I needed to experience. From the amazing workshops/discussions, to the meditation, unbelievable food, pampering, and the beautiful location it was an absolutely unforgettable experience.

“Erin's transformational and self-reflecting workshops are incredible - it helped me so much to have her incredible insight as well as the power of a group of incredibly strong and insightful women to help me figure out some roadblocks I am currently experiencing in my career.  In addition, Michal's food was some of the most incredible food I have ever had. Her wonderfully accessible approach to simple, healthy, and organic foods is inspiring, and since the retreat I can say I have become a bread baker!  I would highly recommend this retreat to any working woman who is need of a re-set and re-focus on both her career as well as her home life.  It was everything I needed and more!”


Asha Bhandari-Gould

Partner, Legato Coffee





"I recently attended a life-changing retreat with Erin Halper of The Upside and Michal Levison of Seasoned Moments. The two of them and their respective businesses wove the weekend together so beautifully in a way that allowed me and the other attendees to feel seamlessly loved, supported, nourished and propelled. Erin has an innate ability to hear what is said to her both in the words and the underlying meaning. Since the retreat, I've just began implementing some of her life-modifications and I can already see how valuable they will be. Michal brought such an easy and effortless energy to the kitchen and the nourishing support we need to sustain both our lives and the changes we want to make.  I find myself channeling her at every turn and aiming for ways to be just a bit less pressured as I reach for my goals.  Both women talked and walked a life driven by goals and direction.  I was inspired by them and am taking that to heart as I begin to think through the goals and direction for the next chapter of my life both personally and professionally."

Wendy Heilbut

Partner & Founder of NYC office, Jayaram Law