You've been asked to send a proposal. Great! But how do you price your services? Hmmm.


Too low and you won't convey your value properly---not to mention, you'll quickly gain a reputation as a low-cost provider, and you certainly don't want that! Too high and you'll have trouble closing clients. Then there's the question of how to structure your pricing. Hourly? Monthly retainer? Project fee? Day rate? Percentage of growth or value? 


There's so much to think about, and so much that goes into the perfect pricing strategy for an independent service provider. 


This downloadable guide will walk you through all of the different pricing strategies that successful consultants and contractors use, how to choose the right pricing structure for your specific business, as well as how to calculate the best prices for your services. 


With our Pricing Guide, we'll teach you how to get your pricing right, the first time. 


Let's get growing!


This download includes:

- Hourly, retainer, value-based, project-based and day rate pricing guidelines and best practices

- A comprehensive understanding of which pricing strategies work for which people and/or situations

- Our proven method for easily calculating your customized pricing to get as close as possible to market rate



The Upside's Guide to Pricing Structures & Strategy


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