The "bio" is the single most important marketing, networking and business development tool that a professional can use to further their career and business goals; yet it is also the most neglected and under-utilized secret weapon in today's world of all things digital and future-forward.


Yes, the bio has been around for decades. However, it's anything BUT outdated. 


The bio is the first piece of information about you listed on LinkedIn, right below that little circular photo.


It's what organizations ask for when they are searching for keynote speakers.


It's what editors ask for when they are thinking about what experts to feature in their next article.  


It's what defines you as a professional and is how others measure your level of success and value in the marketplace. 


It says who you are as a professional, what you do well and why people should want to work with you. 


No matter your background, years of experience or pedigree, The Upside's Guide to a Winning Bio will walk you through how to build a bio that maximizes your value and achievements, and impresses all who read it.


Our strategy is to tell your colleagues, future employers and potential clients that you're a winner, and someone they should want to work with.


Let us help you tell your story, let us be your guide and let's get growing!


This download includes:

- Step-by-step guide on how to build a compelling story out of your past experience

- Line-by-line guide on how to write an engaging and impressive bio that will elevate your professional status and boost your confidence

- Examples of bios that convey value and maximize a professional's experience


The Upside's Guide to a Winning Bio


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