• Erin Halper

4 Busted Myths of Working Remotely

Updated: Jul 29

Many U.S. workers are working from home for the first time. And without a doubt, remote work does come with its own set of challenges. But there are many unique benefits as well.

The Upside's entire membership community consists of independent contractors, consultants and boutique agency owners who have been working from home or working remotely for months, years and even decades. We're mining their insights for our 3-part Working from Home Strategies series.

For part 3, we've asked our Upside members to bust the most commonly held myths about remote work, and to share the facts about successfully working from home.

Myth #1: You’re not really working.

“I must say that I work way harder at home than in the office because my time isn't taken up by meetings and small talk.” - Upside member Rosie Colosi, writer/editor

“There are days where I check the clock and its 2 pm and I haven't gotten up from my seat. I find that I am way more productive in a condensed amount of time.”

- Upside member Stacie Sussman Raanan, Owner & Founder, SSR Digital Media Group

Myth #2: You’ll be too distracted.

"Employers think that remote workers will be constantly distracted with laundry, dishes, etc. I find that untrue. I never do personal or household tasks during the day. I keep my working time to the daytime, as in a regular 9-5 job."

- Upside member Erin Lopez, eCommerce Growth Strategist, IV Consultancy

Myth #3: Remote teams don’t communicate well.

"Fact: Communication is critical when there is zero in-person connection. When working remotely, you can't just walk up to a colleague and have a conversation. However:

  • Technology now offers so many options to help teams communicate effectively.

  • The written word has become incredibly valuable again, as emails need to be clear and concise.

  • Being an active listener is a skill that people are starting to value, finally. Giving colleagues your undivided attention is not only a requirement when communicating over technology (try interrupting someone on Zoom and you'll see what I mean!), but also shows a sense of equality and respect that many employees have been missing in their in-office environments."

- Upside member Lori Sussle Bonanni, Principal + Communications Consultant, elssus

Myth 4: It is hard to create a business culture between remote workers.

"Truth: Enabling employees to work remotely is part of your business culture. By allowing you team to work remotely, you are creating a culture of mutual trust as well as making flexibility and adaptability core pillars of your business, which can carry over into how you do business.

"We are incredibly lucky to live in a time when there are so many tools that enable employees to work remotely. By using these tools in line with your brand values, you can still create the culture you desire. Using funds to set up meaningful retreats (one day) and in-person interactions between team members (some day) can be a lot more cost effective and fulfilling than paying rent for a traditional office."

-Upside member Carrie Sporer, Sales, Merchandising and Operations Consultant

Thank you to Upside members for sharing their wisdom here!

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