• Erin Halper

How to Leverage LinkedIn to Generate Immediate Clients

Updated: Jul 29

Let's talk about leveraging LinkedIn to generate clients, especially during an economic downturn.

This is where having a LinkedIn Premium account truly serves its purpose and delivers real ROI.

For Premium account holders, take a look at who has viewed your profile in the last two weeks. After sifting through all the viewers, pluck the ones who are business leaders (Director, VP, C-level titles) and add them to a LinkedIn Business Development outreach list.

Most consultants make the mistake of sending this group a PM on LinkedIn. Let's face it, LinkedIn is not the most professional form of communication, even though it's a professional platform. And most people don't use LinkedIn's InMail for 1:1 communication.

So instead, take it a step further and email them directly. This way you know for sure that they will see your message immediately, vs. the next time they check their LinkedIn. Plus, 95% of the time you can guess their direct company email, or you can use a service like to try and source it.

Reach out via email using the following template:

By emailing these LinkedIn prospects directly, their perspective will be either:

"What a coincidence, I was just researching on LinkedIn for people who could help us out."


"This person is super proactive. She obviously saw that I viewed her on LinkedIn and she took the time to reach out, saving me the trouble of doing so!"

This Strategy Works

One of our Upside members recently took my advice and reached out via email (using my template) to a large company that viewed her profile last week. Within a few days, she had a response and a client prospecting call on the calendar! Here is the message she sent me:

This strategy really does work, and can be well worth the price of LinkedIn's Premium membership.

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