• Erin Halper

Freebies for You, Your Business and Your Kids During the COVID-19 Quarantine

People are coming together to help each other in new ways in this unprecedented time. It's been so moving to see this sharing of resources.

While we are all struggling, The Upside wants to especially acknowledge working parents who are homeschooling kids, and also people who live alone, who may be feeling especially isolated.

We've created--and are continually adding to--a list of resources for individuals, for families, and for businesses during the quarantine period, including, but not limited to, free services offered by our own Upside members.

We are adding to it every day and everything listed is free! Check out just a small selection of the offerings below and view all the offerings here.

Upside member Tara Rae Bradford is offering free PR advice in an easy-to-download guide

Freebies for Businesses

Michal Levison, cooking with her family

Freebies for Families

Stephanie Domanski offering free yoga (asana, meditation and pranyama) both 1:1 or group classes over Zoom

For Yourself

Have offerings you want to share with others? Message me on Instagram or use the Contact Form at the bottom of our home page here.

Stay safe everyone!