• Erin Halper

Embrace the Benefits of Working from Home

For the first time in history, the majority of the U.S. workforce is working from home. For most of these people, it's their first time ever doing so.

The Upside's entire membership community consists of independent contractors, consultants and boutique agency owners who have been working from home or working remotely for months, years and even decades. And they have some tips to share with you!

This is Part II of our 3-part Working from Home Strategies series.

In our previous article we shared Success Strategies for Making the Most Out of Remote Work. Today our members are sharing their favorite benefits of working from home (and these are just a few!).

Worker loyalty

“Working from home allows me to be available for my children, which was hugely important when my little one had health issues. It also means that any company that hires me remotely will have my undying loyalty for the foreseeable future.”

- Upside member Rosie Colosi, writer/editor

Empowerment and fulfillment

“I feel much more empowered and accomplished setting daily, weekly, monthly goals for myself and accomplishing those better than I ever did in any corporate job. I also schedule my quarter ahead of time; I plan one development day a month and one wellness day a month. I plan my outside networking events/development events two-three months in advance.

"Working remotely allows me to learn more in a more structured way than ever before, and I think it’s because I am empowered to choose when and how I do it.”

- Upside member Erin Lopez, eCommerce Growth Strategist, IV Consultancy

From employee to leader

“By allowing your employees to spend more time in a remote setting, they become more organized, more productive, more autonomous, better problem-solvers and communicators, and therefore better leaders within your company.

"Plus, a remote, flexible lifestyle will give them the chance to jump into the latest gym class or learn that new skill culinary skill they've been dreaming of, without rushing out the office door to try to make it. Your employees can now build their passions into their schedule and around their work deadlines. And that feeling is so freeing!”

- Upside member Stacie Sussman Raanan, Owner & Founder, SSR Digital Media Group

Thank you to Upside members for sharing these. Stay tuned for our next article in the Working from Home Strategies series where we'll be busting the major myths about remote work.

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