(featured on Marie Hunter Beauty June 17, 2019)

The Marie Hunter brand is built upon one philosophy, “Confidence Speaks Volumes”. Confidence by definition is a feeling of self-assurance arising from one's appreciation of one's own abilities or qualities. The Marie Hunter Modern Muse is a woman who is a guiding spirit and source of artistic inspiration in life and business.

Today we’re featuring Erin Halper, Founder & CEO of The Upside. The Upside supports the success of best-in-class independent consultants and connects them with companies seeking flexible, scalable and on-demand senior-level talent. “Our mission is to change the way working works in America.” I had the opportunity to ask Erin 5 questions and here is what she had to say.

Q+A with MH Modern Muse Erin Halper

Q: What was the defining moment that made you want to launch The Upside?

A: Quite frankly, the 2016 election. I had this sinking feeling that the corporate world would not improve for women fast enough for me to ever see it. I had built this distinct skill set and track record of success outside the traditional 9-5, so I decided to launch a mission-based business to change the way working works in America.

Q: Who are 3 people that inspire you and why?


1. My husband. He is a business owner as well and leads with such humility, humor and kindness. He is also my closest advisor and biggest cheerleader!

2. Oprah. I mean, come on, if she can rise up to where she is today with the cards she was originally dealt, then we have no excuse for failure or giving up.

3. Anita Hill. She spoke up and spoke out when no one else was doing that, and risked it all to fight for what was right. She was way ahead of her time and gave up so much to break the seal that we are now slowly rising out of today.

Q: What advice would you have for a female entrepreneur ready to take the leap into entrepreneurship?

A: Understand the problem your business is solving. Like, really understand it. Keep your eye on that problem and know every single aspect of the world surrounding that problem. And if your business doesn’t solve a problem, go back to the drawing board!

Also, it’s so easy to give up when things get tough in business. And they will get tough! Allow yourself a set amount of time to keep going, even when things get hairy. Set a date and tell yourself, “I will not even entertain the idea of giving up until X date.” This way, when you have the crappiest of days, you still have your eye on that finish line. 2-3 years is reasonable.

Q: What makes you feel most confident?

A: Great skin!

Q: What do you love most about Marie Hunter Beauty?

A: Just the variety alone is so inspiring. But the names of the colors...Boss Lady, Gracious, Mastermind...they set my intentions in the morning and give me that extra wink and high five I need to help kick start an awesome day!

Erin is making waves in the corporate world to help women thrive and for that she is a MH Modern Muse. Follow Erin on Instagram and Facebook @betheupside

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