The Magical Connection between Personal Aesthetic and Earning Power

In my latest piece for Thrive Global, I discuss the importance of projecting your personal brand with the intention of building value, and, ultimately, big opportunities.

Our eyes collect and process thousands of data points in less time than it takes for the person across from you to stick out his or her hand and say, “Nice to meet you.” We may not want to admit it, but regardless of our pedigree or performance at work, we are still constantly being judged by our appearance.

Although some may consider this fact frustrating—I mean, shouldn’t our work speak for itself??—I find it motivating and exciting because it means we have the power to manipulate our own branding and rebranding to our financial advantage.

Think you know the link between personal branding and success? You may be surprised at the subtleties you don't know. Read the full article here.

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