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Searching for one best-in-class independent contractor? Your first connection is on us. Reach out and speak to an actual human who will walk you through our simple process and get your company on its way to finding the ideal consultant.






Tell us what you need for the one role you're looking to fill, then receive 2 - 6+ curated pitches from our best-in-class independent contractors, allowing you to connect directly to our talent. It's just that simple. No extra work, no extra fees. Guaranteed.*





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billed annually

Unlimited access to our network, unlimited connections. Our Enterprise Unlimited package is ideal for companies that regularly hire best-in-class contractors throughout the year. 

* Didn't find the contractor you were hoping for? Contact us within 30 days of purchasing a Single Connection and we will refund the entire fee. Please note that we do not refund the Single Connection fee for clients that determine they no longer need to hire, or place their projects on hold. 

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Our Client Success Guidelines


Quality Leads

We work hard to bring our members quality opportunities from companies serious about hiring best-in-class contract talent and boutique agencies. We ask clients to use us when the need is immediate and they are ready to hire.


Budget Transparency

When clients are open about their budgets for a specific project or retainer, everyone wins. Consultants who charge higher fees don't waste their time pitching and clients don't waste their time communicating with consultants who are out of budget. 


Minimum Engagement Fees

Our members have a minimum engagement of $5,000. For smaller projects that don't meet our minimum, we are happy to suggest other resources for you to explore.


Quality Proposals

Our members are truly best-in-class, with impressive pedigree, testimonials, portfolios, and proven results from their work with reputable companies. Their ideas and processes are extremely valuable and are not included in proposals. However, terms, deliverables, scope, pricing and legal jargon are all included in proposals.