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1. Quality over Quantity

We are not Upwork or Fiverr, and we aren't a come-one-come-all free platform with 100k members. In fact, we aim to be quite the opposite. We think our members gain the most value not by the quantity of connections, opportunities and referrals, but the quality. Quality is at the core of who we are.

2. We serve members, not corporations

That's because our primary goal is to support our B2B solopreneur members with best practices, resources and connections within our membership. We are not a client/consultant matching platform where our primary interest lies in getting paid by corporations. 

3. Sharing is sweet karma

Yes, we believe in karma. And so do our members. We believe that what you give will come back to you in multiples. That's why we encourage--even require--our members to share resources, tools, advice, best practices and opportunities. At The Upside, we believe that we truly are better together. Our happy members would agree.

4. Connections, connections, connections.

"Connections" is our middle name. It's what we are great at and why we started this business in the first place. Every single effort we make--from holding events and retreats to speaking on panels and podcasts--is done with the sole purpose of building more connections and opportunities for our members.

5. Simplicity is simply better

Our client model went from being beyond complicated in our early days to being impossibly simple today. We went from being a client/consultant matching platform (where we were buried in contracts) to a community platform for consultants and B2B solopreneurs to connect, collaborate and level-up. Damn that's so simple!

6. We are female-focused but inclusive of all

Our platform was designed for and by women. But that doesn't mean we are exclusively female. On the contrary. We are supportive of all genders, races, creed and whatever else you identify as. We all have common ground here, and diversity is powerful.

7. We are for-profit but mission-driven

Yes, we are a business. Members pay a monthly fee to be in The Upside, and individuals pay us for 1:1 coaching. This is how we make a living, save for our kids' college funds and keep the lights on. However, the driving force of The Upside is our mission of changing the way working works in America. This is what is at the heart of everything we do, much more than profits. Of course, this is also why no VC will come near us.

8. We are not a one-size-fits-all company

In fact, we pride ourselves on being niche. Staying niche keeps our membership community strong and our business growing.

9. We created The Upside to help others

We saw independent consultants struggling to package their skills, communicate their value, combat isolation, make quality connections and figure out best practices. So we started a company to help. And helping is at the core of everything we do, including donating 10% of all membership profits to charities that passionately and selflessly help others.

10. Boundaries are healthy

We are huge proponents of respectful boundaries. One of our most important boundaries is a zero-tolerance policy for anything or anyone we feel is negative towards our members or our business. And this is a wall we can feel good about.