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"Nothing short of amazing."

- Asha Gould

"Surpassed my expectations"

- Morgan Baden


- Wendy Heilbut

"Blown away...brilliant"

- Ksenia Avdulova


- Michelle Celis

"When I heard about The Upside of Life retreat, I knew I had to be a part of it. The weekend surpassed my expectations! With thoughtful and provocative programming, an utterly inspiring group of women, and the most beautiful food I've ever tasted, I left feeling genuinely energized about my next steps -- like I can conquer the world. I credit The Upside and Seasoned Moments for giving me the permission and space to dream and plan." 


Fall 2019 Retreat date TBD

Now accepting applications

Join Erin Halper, founder of The Upside, and Michal Levison, founder of Seasoned Moments, and four other high-achieving women for a 2-night work-life balance retreat designed for women who are ready to achieve more flexibility and fulfillment in their lives and reach their most critical career and business goals in 2019.

Our retreat attendees are diverse, highly-accomplished women from various industries and backgrounds who come together to achieve three common goals: professional growth, personal fulfillment and accountability.

You deserve to invest in yourself. You deserve to feel inspired and focused. You deserve to learn. You deserve to feel joy. You deserve to be the best version of you.

You deserve The Upside of Life.

"I recently attended a life-changing retreat with Erin Halper of The Upside and Michal Levison of Seasoned Moments. The two of them and their respective businesses wove the weekend together so beautifully in a way that allowed me and the other attendees to feel seamlessly loved, supported, nourished and propelled. Erin has an innate ability to hear what is said to her both in the words and the underlying meaning. Since the retreat, I've just began implementing some of her life-modifications and I can already see how valuable they will be. Michal brought such an easy and effortless energy to the kitchen and the nourishing support we need to sustain both our lives and the changes we want to make.  I find myself channeling her at every turn and aiming for ways to be just a bit less pressured as I reach for my goals.  Both women talked and walked a life driven by goals and direction.  I was inspired by them and am taking that to heart as I begin to think through the goals and direction for the next chapter of my life both personally and professionally."


What to Expect

Work. Balance. Goals. Strategy. Business. Knowledge. Food. Friendship. Accountability.

From high-impact mastermind sessions to gourmet farm-to-table cooking workshops, The Upside of Life Retreat combines the ideal balance of intimate group problem-solving, individual attention, food, learning, relaxation, new friendships, accountability, planning and inspiration, in a warm environment of high-achieving women who will motivate and push you to achieve your biggest goals.  

"I can’t say enough great things about my experience at the Upside Retreat. It was truly an amazing experience that completely transformed my mindset. It’s not just about a career it’s about the life you want. Erin & Michal are a dynamic duo! Erin guides and challenges you to truly define your goals, while Michal nourishes your body with nutritious and delicious meals. Yet it’s so much more, it’s about a complete transformation of your mindset that makes you look at the future differently and all while customizing the needs to each individual person. Erin is a mastermind that supports you in a way that makes you feel you can take on the world and Michal’s in depth knowledge of food makes you feel like you can throw together a nutritious 5 course meal no problem. I haven’t even gotten to the amazing women I was surrounded by. Erin brilliantly brought together a group of such talented women that were not only extremely accomplished but open and friendly. In one weekend I have clarified my goals, defined my next steps, and built a network of talented women who are cheering me on. Thank you Erin & Michal for a truly transformational weekend and a start to my new journey!"


"I'm blown away by how much we experienced and achieved during just one weekend. From getting clear on my business goals for the new year, to cooking delicious nourishing food and having fun during our self-care evening, The Upside retreat was a brilliant mix between a business mastermind and a retreat. I feel recharged, motivated, clear and connected to an incredible group of women. The great thing is that I don't have to wait to implement my new plan as I'm already making it happen, thanks to Erin's expert help in rewriting my bio!"


“The Upside of Life Retreat was nothing short of amazing. I went into the weekend feeling very nervous and apprehensive about what I was going to experience and what to expect.  I was anxious about spending the weekend with a group of women I had never met, and did not not really know what it was going to be all about. It just sounded like something that I needed to experience. From the amazing workshops/discussions, to the meditation, unbelievable food, pampering, and the beautiful location it was an absolutely unforgettable experience.

“Erin's transformational and self-reflecting workshops are incredible - it helped me so much to have her incredible insight as well as the power of a group of incredibly strong and insightful women to help me figure out some roadblocks I am currently experiencing in my career.  In addition, Michal's food was some of the most incredible food I have ever had. Her wonderfully accessible approach to simple, healthy, and organic foods is inspiring, and since the retreat I can say I have become a bread baker!  I would highly recommend this retreat to any working woman who is need of a re-set and re-focus on both her career as well as her home life.  It was everything I needed and more!”