1:1 Advisory & Coaching

I am obsessed with flexibility and work. And I'm really obsessed with independent consulting as a way to truly have it all. 


When working 1:1 with a consultant or potential consultant, I share my 7+ years experience as a successful independent consultant where I earned a hefty 6-figure income, while making my own schedule, and raising my family.


I knew how to run my business in a way that positioned me at the highest value possible, and allowed me to spend more time billing clients and less time prospecting clients.


In addition to my years of hands-on experience as a consultant, my extensive knowledge and broad oversight of the consulting market as the CEO of The Upside is invaluable. 


I bring a no-nonsense, personalized and direct approach to coaching and advisory, with a no-fluff policy. Providing my 1:1 clients with high ROI and exceeding their expectations are my two main goals.

Although I focus the majority of my time growing The Upside, there's nothing I love more than setting aside time to work closely with consultants and then witnessing their subsequent success.

Let's get started!



"Erin is simply pro. She's great at taking concepts in your head, distilling it clearly for you, and help you position yourself in a way that will generate business. To top it off, she is a wonderful human being and has your back!" 


Julie Tran

Founder & CEO, Leading AF​

"Erin and the Upside gave me the push I needed to re-brand my independent consultancy into a full service brand. I was able to build the confidence to expand and am so glad I did!" 


Lori Tiernan 

Founder, Innovative Asset Growth​

"As soon as I met Erin I knew whatever she touched would be special because she has that unique ability of really 'seeing' people and helping them understand their individual hang-ups and the barriers they may be imposing to their personal goals." 


Wendy Heilbut

Partner & Founder of NYC office, Jayaram Law

"Erin's ability to hone in on your differentiators and call you out on areas that need to be addressed with lightning speed and accuracy are an invaluable asset to any business owner, but particularly helpful to someone just starting out."

Jennifer Yousem

Owner & Managing Director at Supporting Strategies

"Erin and her team are great to work with and give you actionable takeaways that will help to move your business forward." 

Mary Clavieres

Organizational Change Consultant and Founder of The Transitions Collective

"Erin's support and insight have been a game-changer for me both personally and professionally."

Andrea Samacicia Mullan

CEO/Founder, Victory Public Relations

60-minute Single Strategy Session : Start-up

Investment: $395

This session is ideal for the professional who wants to gain as much knowledge as possible before taking the leap into consulting. During this condensed, fast-moving strategy call with Erin Halper, we will dive deep into one or more of the following topics:

- Defining your niche to position yourself for the most earnings possible

- Pricing

- Pitching

- Business Development (how to get those great clients!)

- Marketing through LinkedIn

- Website

- Company name ideas and strategy

Independent consultant genius: I’ve rarely come across anyone as knowledgeable in her field as Erin, and as dedicated as her to share her hard-earned wisdom with the world. If you consult or freelance and are determined to take your business to the next level through no BS knowledge and a powerful network, she’s the hands-down the best person to know. She’s one of these “too good to be true humans”. Wickedly smart, savvy, experienced, kind and sassy. She’ll be your biggest cheerleader who you can equally rely on for life-changing constructive feedback.

Gesche Haas

Founder & CEO, Dreamers & Doers

60-minute Single Strategy Session : Unstuck

Investment: $395

This session is ideal for the professional who is already consulting, but feels stuck on one topic. During this condensed, fast-moving strategy call with Erin Halper, we will dive deep into the challenge that's keeping you from feeling successful. We can work on:

- Redefining your niche and elevator pitch to make sure you're really maximizing your full potential

- Pricing strategies

- Pitching exercises

- Business Development tactics for your specific niche

- Positioning in the marketplace

- Maximizing your LinkedIn and bio

- How to scale

Have a question that's not on the list above? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

As soon as I met Erin I knew whatever she touched would be special because she has that unique ability of really 'seeing' people and helping them understand their individual hang-ups and the barriers they may be imposing to their personal goals.

Wendy Heilbut

Partner & Founder of NYC office, Jayaram Law

3-Session Off to the Races Package

Investment: $1155


This package is ideal for the professional who has already decided they want to go out on their own as a consultant (or is already consulting), and wants the mentorship, experience and expertise of someone who knows the independent consulting market forwards and backwards. We will speak on the phone three times, arranged at a pace that works with your schedule and comfort level. With this package we can cover:

- Anything in the Single Strategy Sessions above plus...

- A tailored and focused plan of action for launching or leveling-up your consultancy

- A personalized business development strategy to gain the right clients and avoid spinning your wheels

- Company naming advice and ideas

- Tactics for negotiating rates and terms

- A well-defined pricing model

- Tech and operations tools to automate your back-end infrastructure

- Training on how to create a winning pitch

- Listening and feedback on a client pitch session where Erin will listen in on a client pitch and provide you with candid feedback, constructive criticism and pointers for future pitches

Entrepreneurs hit walls frequently, in fact, I would argue it's something we do every day. After 3 years, I needed an assertive push to mature our business model, evolve our services alongside our clients, and unravel our story.


I scheduled 3 short sprint sessions where we dived into aspects of the business. But what made this experience vastly different than other engagements I've had in the past, was the uncut version of feedback, the bulleted list of to-dos, and how I could tell Erin was invested to help me succeed.

Sarah Sharif

Innovation Consultant

90-minute LinkedIn Advisory 

Investment: $695


This 90-minute session is for the employee, consultant or business owner who wants to level-up and leverage LinkedIn, the fastest-growing and most powerful business tool we have today.


This is much more than just a LinkedIn facelift.


Through this session, you will work 1:1 with Erin Halper to optimize how you present yourself on LinkedIn (and beyond), how you communicate your value and how you shape your professional brand.


At the end of our session, you'll walk away with:


- A new, more powerful online version of yourself that positions you as a leader and expert in your field--at first you won't believe that it's actually you!

- A new outlook for how to present yourself to colleagues, employers, press, customers and clients

- More confidence, conviction and control over your professional story

- A clear understanding of what clients and employers are looking for when they visit your LinkedIn page

- Professional and personal branding that maximizes every strength and superpower in your arsenal

- Focused, targeted messaging that speaks to your strengths and results, and that attracts your exact target audience to your page

- Tactical training on how to interact and engage through LinkedIn and leverage it as a powerful funnel for clients or employers 

Erin is efficient, effective and savvy. In one conversation, she was able to extract the right information and go on to assimilate that into a cohesive LinkedIn overhaul with minimal back and fourth. Since then, my LinkedIn account has more than doubled in connections and drives traffic passively. Erin is a true professional and a delight to work with!

Michele Racioppi

Sales & Training Consultant focused on Skincare and CBD