Future Forward, Vetted Talent.

The Upside provides companies with access to best-in-class, flexible, scalable, on-demand and/or part-time talent.


Our consultants and independent contractors offer impressive pedigree, with extensive experience at Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, national brands and some of the most well-known agencies in the world. They span virtually every industry, from real estate and private equity to public relations and consumer products.


We create win-win relationships where our consultants enjoy a manageable work-life balance and our clients gain top-level skills scaled to fit their business needs.  

Contact us to access our cost-effective and time-efficient platform for sourcing high-achieving consultants and contractors across all functions and verticals. 

Pedigreed Professionals from World-Class Organizations. 

Who works with The Upside?


Our flexible senior-level professionals are ideal for funded start-ups that want to trade the commitment of full-time employees for best-in-class talent scaled to meet their evolving needs.

Mid-Sized Companies

Mid-sized companies often don't have the headcount to warrant certain full-time, non-core business functions; however the need still exists. Our consultants can fill the gap for high-level functions at mid-sized organizations.

Private Equity / VC Firms

PE and VC firms are accustomed to rolling up their sleeves to help their portfolio companies, including sourcing talent. Our pedigreed, scalable talent pool is an ideal fit for high-growth portfolio companies.

Global Organizations

From maternity fills to specialties such as AI, operations, branding, data science and consumer insights, our impressive consultants can work on high-level projects within large organizations with seamless onboarding.

What skills are offered?









How can my company benefit?

Steady Growth

You know your staff is stretched thin, but you can't yet justify hiring another full time employee. Bringing on an independent consultant allows you to ease into adding a new position, expanding hours as you grow.

Cost Efficiency

Instead of outsourcing to an expensive agency, hire a senior-level independent consultant to do this same work, but at a lower cost and with more efficiency. In fact, many of our talented members came from some of the top agencies worldwide.


Various cycles throughout the year demand more hours from your staff, constantly risking burnout and employee turnover. Support your staff with an independent consultant who can flex their skills when your team requires extra muscle. 

Strategic Support

Our C-level consultants, with backgrounds in private equity, venture capital and international consultancies, provide the type of in-depth strategy and connections that have traditionally only been accessible to large corporations.

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Our Client Success Guidelines


Quality Leads

We work hard to bring our members quality opportunities from companies serious about hiring best-in-class contract talent and boutique agencies. We ask clients to use us when the need is immediate and they are ready to hire.


Budget Transparency

When clients are open about their budgets for a specific project or retainer, everyone wins. Consultants who charge higher fees don't waste their time pitching and clients don't waste their time communicating with consultants who are out of budget. 


Minimum Engagement Fees

Our members have a minimum engagement of $5,000. For smaller projects that don't meet our minimum, we are happy to suggest other resources for you to explore.


Quality Proposals

Our members are truly best-in-class, with impressive pedigree, testimonials, portfolios, and proven results from their work with reputable companies. Their ideas and processes are extremely valuable and are not included in proposals. However, terms, deliverables, scope, pricing and legal jargon are all included in proposals.